Indian Shaolin - Martial Arts Training From Muaythai India National Coach - Wushu Kungfu Hyderabad

Learn Martial Arts Training From Wushu Kungfu Martial Arts Academy Hyderabad Offers Best Self Defense Training From Muaythai India National Coach - Thungunoori Balraju.


Western Martial Arts (WMA) refers to formalised fighting techniques and skills of European or generally Western origin, as distinct from those originating in Asia.

The term "Western Martial Arts" was originally coined by Pete Kautz of Alliance Martial Arts (see the discussion page for this article), referring to the study, recreation and preservation of combat skills developed in Europe or European colonies during the 14th through turn of the 20th centuries. These are often distinguished by the term Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). WMA usually refers to both historical martial arts that have fallen out of use and to extent traditional European martial arts and combat sports such as boxing, savate, Jogo do Pau and catch-as-catch-can wrestling, but may be used more narrowly (as a synonym for HEMA), or more broadly to include other non-Asian arts like World War II combatives and even Capoeira.


He learned these styles from D. Kantesh Master

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