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Ba Tuo was invited to China to preach by the Liang Wu emperor. When he arrived, it is Said that the Emperor showed him great courtesy. The Emperor also showed Ba Tuo how Much good he was doing through his charatble work and sought confirmation that this would ensure a good after life. Ba tuo assured the Emperor that his works were good but also said that he would need live the life of the 4 noble truths and the 8 Fold paths to really achieve his goal. The emperor decided he did not like Ba Tuo’s Buddhist theory and asked him to leave.

During his time at court, Ba Tuo had heard of the Shaolin temple and now, where his ‘presence’ was no longer welcome, he decided to make the journey to Shaolin. When Ba Tuo’s arrived he was not readily accepted, especially where he commented on the priests week and sickly conditions. Long periods of inactive meditations and very little physical work had made Shaolin monks unwell and weak. Not making himself popular with Shaolin either, with his criticism, he was either asked to leave or chose to do so of his own accord, to Meditate the problem.

Just a little ways away from the Shaolin Temple, 15 to 20 minutes walk and he 20 minute climb up the mountain was a grotto and cave. It is said that he retreated to live there for 9 years. In seclusion he wrote two texts; Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic) and Xi Sui Jin (Marrow/Brain Washing Classic. The Yi Jin Jing is the Foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu and was also name the 18 Hands of Lo Han (Lo Han meaning Enlightened one)