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Welcome to Meditation page. I hope that through this page it will help you on your first steps in understanding the benefits of meditation. I have here for you a simple Yoga meditation technique that I have found to be helpful, simple, and relaxing, but also keep in mind that this is by no means the only meditation technique, there are many, such as standing meditation "qi-gong", motion meditation "Tai Chi", and lot of others,Visit our Website page just click here.

Meditation: 1 [How to make Concentrate]
Make a concentrate, Keep the mind empty of thoughts N keep concentrate in 1 point, Concentrate is a path or way to make you successful in any works or subject ok lets go on Topic You can do in any time in anywhere but the place should be peace and clam should not be any noise. Sit or lay down on bed anywhere as you feel easy, Keep your backbone straight but should not force your back, keep your body relax, Close your eyes and slowly breath with nose and out from mouth, Do it naturally, Now think and start to count a number slowly as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 with visualize [visualize in a middle of front head between two eyes ] do not cheat yourself count in heart slowly one by one with visualizing try to listen yourself in heat when you counting and do not speak out When you reached the end of count 10 then count back again up to Zero 0 same as you do before then continue go on first day up to 30, next day 40 as you feel easy. If you are regular on this technique after some days you could feel something affects your self Warning does not do more then 4 or 5 times in a day it will make a pain in the middle of front head or other problems cause your body holding out of range.