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Learn Martial Arts Training From Wushu Kungfu Martial Arts Academy Hyderabad Offers Best Self Defense Training From Muaythai India National Coach - Thungunoori Balraju.


There are five main styles of taiji or families. These are Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu, and Sun. In addition to those styles, several modern competition styles have been created, 42 forms/ 24 forms/ 48 forms/78 forms etc but mainly the 42 forms and the 42 sword forms. These are the most prominent styles, inside those styles themselves there are several subdivisions. There are several smaller styles that were developed outside of these styles as well, but never became as famous. There is no one style that is really better than another, it depends on personal taste, and body type. The theories inside are also slightly different, and some of the developments within the styles represent the generations of research. Martial arts are a science that develops along with those who train it. You can’t keep down the human mind; we discover new things about old ideas every day.


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